Sunday 5 December 2010

The Eyes work with the Brain

The Seeing Brain 
When people think about vision or the sense of sight what do they immediately think of? Eyes! But actually seeing takes place entirely in the brain. What the eyes do is take the electrical signals entering through the pupil, which fire the neurons in the back of the retina (a tiny area the size of a postage stamp!), and are sent along the optic nerve to the visual cortex (occipital lobes). But that is only where vision begins. The ‘data’ is sent forward to other parts of the brain and back again like a relay. And thus a moving image is born! This is a rather simple version of what is really a ‘breath-takingly’ complex sequence of events. The point is that seeing occurs in the brain. To prove it just close your eyes and imagine the person you love the most. You are seeing them are you not? Yet your eyes are closed...

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