Saturday 15 January 2011


He had hydrocephalus when he was born. Water on the brain and a shunt was installed into his brain to drain the fluid. The shunt business was worrying for mum and dad and sometimes the shunt had to be re-fixed or re-adjusted. He lost his sight at first. He was a miracle baby. After time through a lot of prayer and attention he recovered his sight. His mum and dad had three boys to look after. It was not easy. He had constant visits to the hospital. I became involved early on and after assessing him I suspected hemianopia. This means no visual field in the left side of both eyes. Sadly this proved to be accurate and soon he had to go to his first setting to a nursery and then to reception. Reception was a very rocky ride and mainstream schooling proved to be not right for him. Mum wanted the mainstream school because his brothers went there. But it was not for him. It isn’t for everyone. It was a bit overwhelming for him. He often just shut down with the noise and the hustle and bustle. 

He was given a place in the special school for visually impaired children. He loved it there. Small classes, teachers experienced in visual problems, appropriate and adapted work. He really flourished. But after a short time he developed epilepsy. It went on and on and nothing no medication stopped it. He had weeks off school. He was not progressing. He was in distress and not learning.
Mum was told of an operation to remove half his cerebral cortex – the half that was constantly fitting. It was drastic. It was irreversible. A lot of heart searching and careful thought and then the decision was made. He would have the op. 

I spoke to mum after the op and it was incredible. With half his brain disconnected he was virtually as he was before. He was happy and he was back at school. The marvels of modern medicine! The wonderful ‘plasticity’ of the brain. I have not been in touch recently but the last thing I heard was that he is doing well. And there has been no recurrence of the epilepsy. 

Some children are amazing. He is amazing. With so many problems this little boy is happy and brings happiness to all his family and teachers. He is a wonderful kid. A SUPERBOY
PS. I was reminded of this lad after a mom contacted me yesterday about her little boy with hydranencephaly

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