Wednesday 30 November 2011


This post is both an apology and a cry for help. You have noticed that all recent posts on this site have suddenly disappeared half an hour ago. This is because of a freak accident in typing. I was in the middle of editing a new post and accidentally pressed the wrong button and low and behold it deleted every post for the past 6 months. WOW MAJOR CRISIS!!! I have tried everything to recover the files only to find that the bottom line is in Blogger there is no way to recover a deleted post. So I am asking my readers to help. If you have at all a copy of any of the lost posts stored on your computer as history or in whatever form can you send it to me please and i will promise to repost. Bearing in mind the hours and hours all this work represents you will understand my grief !!!
Sincere apologies to all. PS you can email me direct at

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