Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dear Reader
First of all I really want to say a big THANK YOU for taking the time to look up this website and read the posts I put up online. I have more than a professional interest - I really care about what I do. Some of you will know this from first hand experience with me. I really do want to make a small difference to some people's lives.
Second you obviously have a reason to visit this site, so I hope that you find it useful and beneficial. I as a writer would REALLY love to have feedback and for that reason I encourage you to do the following if you don't mine.
1. To add your EMAIL ADDRESS in the place provided. What this does is allows you to receive the posts as they are put online, so you never miss a post. It also provides you with a saved version of the post so if i accidentally delete a post or more (!) then all is not lost.
2. To JOIN THIS SITE in the place provided and become a follower. This makes the site more interactive and helps all of us who work in this very low incidence field to feel we are not alone.
3. To COMMENT in the box. This makes the site REALLY interactive. It allows you to see your voice in print / online and encourages others to join in and do the same. 


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  1. Just stumbled on your site, but I can't imagine why I didn't find it earlier. We have a 22 month old with a movement disorder and CVI. We are just now building her a "little room." Over the coming days I will be soaking up the rest of the content on your site. Her site is helpevelyn DOT org.