Sunday 11 December 2011

Wee Gallery for babies and CVI children

I have come across a great website with resources for babies and older children with CVI.
It’s called -

The idea behind it is that for babies to see a picture or object it has to be in high contrast with thick lines and edges. This is what I totally recommend to all my parents and teachers of CVI children or babies. So I totally endorse this product. I have to say I have no vested interests however! I came across it recently when visiting a baby and the parents had these flash cards. Fantastic I thought – I must tell others about this. 

Here is their rationale behind the products: it is well thought out. At the earliest stage they say a baby is interested in striking and high contrast details. As the baby grows older they begin to learn the names of the animals etc. For our purposes I feel the older child with complex needs, CVI especially, will benefit from them  because they are so clear and easy to see. Here is the soft book with black and white animal pictures.

 Here are some of the cards. See how thick the lines are and how large the details.
Here are some other cards with white on black background. The cards are tested out and babies clearly show a lot of interest in them. But I suggest you use them with even the older CVI children, who need very high contrast and simple images. 

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