Monday 11 June 2012

Intensive Interaction as a therapy for CVI children?

What is Intensive Interaction? It is a type of therapy or intervention that is used very successfully with children with communication difficulties or complex needs and I have used it effectively with children who have cerebral visual impairment. I met Miray Kester today and was impressed by her presentation so with her permission I am making it available to you. I hope you enjoy it and learn something new. 

This week I was priveleged to share some ideas with parents and teachers on the subject of VI and CVI. I was asked the question, 'Do you suggest any therapies?' I have seen parents try different therapies through the years and each one has good points. I hope to look at more so-called 'therapies' in the near future. There is of course no fix or treatment. But I am firmly convinced that every bit of intervention or interaction between a parent (or carer etc) with a child is beneficial and will have an effect. So enjoy. 

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