Monday, 11 June 2012

Intensive Interaction as a therapy for CVI children?

What is Intensive Interaction? It is a type of therapy or intervention that is used very successfully with children with communication difficulties or complex needs and I have used it effectively with children who have cerebral visual impairment. I met Miray Kester today and was impressed by her presentation so with her permission I am making it available to you. I hope you enjoy it and learn something new. 

This week I was priveleged to share some ideas with parents and teachers on the subject of VI and CVI. I was asked the question, 'Do you suggest any therapies?' I have seen parents try different therapies through the years and each one has good points. I hope to look at more so-called 'therapies' in the near future. There is of course no fix or treatment. But I am firmly convinced that every bit of intervention or interaction between a parent (or carer etc) with a child is beneficial and will have an effect. So enjoy. 


  1. Hi! I recently made an app for android that takes a picture of a page (words) and then speaks it aloud. I wanted to do it open source (free), inspired by a Ted Talk video that stated this technology used to cost a lot.
    Now any android phone can do it, here it is I'm trying to get it out there to those who can use it:

    Also on the left of the page you will see a version that takes a picture of ANY language (but this one is more geared to travelling:)


  2. Above link has been changed, See Say Image to Speech for the Visually Impaired is now here on Google Play:

    Take Picture of Book Page, Android Reads it Aloud! See Say Image to Speech OCR.
    An app for android that takes a picture, and speaks the text aloud:) A tool for the visually impaired, or just for the curious.
    I was inspired by a Ted Talk that mentioned that not too long ago, this technology was available for around $10,000.00, for the visually impaired. Technology has come so far that I am able to write this app and release it for under five bucks :)

  3. There is also one that does page image to speech translating from any language:

  4. Further along the lines of Visual Impairment, I spent the better part of 6 months developing Object Recognition, in other words, picture of ANY object to speech. This tool works best on "things", not people, and it gets smarter each update. It's named ANDROID EYE, and it won Reviewers Choice Award, with much great positive feedback: