Thursday 30 January 2014

iPad Apps for Children with Downs Syndrome

It was only fairly recently that I discovered the striking statistic that all children with Down syndrome have a visual impairment. I know that many I work with wear glasses. I also am aware that frequently they have no focusing ability so they wear bifocals. 

I am grateful to Beverley Dean for the info in todays post. In 2011 she founded Special iApps for their son who has Down syndrome because they found it extremely hard to find suitable apps for him. So she and her husband made their own. This is an over-view of some of them and where you can get them.

Special Words:  allows you to do picture-word matching activities, where you can also create your own word lists from your own photos and entering text and audio

Special Stories: We use this daily for home-school communication, it can also be used for instruction - sequences, social stories and topic work to support curriculum.

Special Numbers: is number ordering and counting skills up to 20, all activities can be configured in the settings to suit the child's level.

The Touch-apps are simple cause and effect apps that support those at the early stage. 28 word, 20 numbers, 12 shapes, 12 colours, and emotions which is free.

All our apps (with the exception of Special Numbers) are available for Apple and Android devices and are switch accessible. Special Numbers in not switch accessible and only available for Apple. 

Please refer to our website, as there is full user documentation and videos on each app

Please read the Durham iPad report

We are currently working on new apps, so to keep in touch we are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and have an email subscription

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