Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Another video I have just uploaded. This time Marina talks about how I introduced the 'lights' and the 'fibre optics', which made a dramatic difference to Cormac. Prior to this time (about 6-8 weeks old) he was barely responding visually. But afterwards he began to fix and follow and develop the really useful vision that he has today. He is now xis years old!

The 'critical period' so called refers to a 'window of opportunity' in a child's development as the brain is growing and developing connections. It is a time when any form of intervention will assist the connections to grow and develop. Years ago the famous experiments by Hubel and Wiesel demonstrated clearly that unless the visual system is stimulated at a crucial time in development the visual system will never be able to make sense of visual information. They carried out experiments on kittens' eyes - which most people would consider quite unacceptable today - but they proved beyond doubt that the eyes need 'input' if vision is to develop.

You might have to turn up the sound on this one: it was videoed on my 'new' iPhone! 

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