Saturday, 7 March 2015


Here is another video resource I am uploading for the training day at the London Western Eye Hospital this Monday 9th March. It is long - 7 minutes and 33 seconds! - but I was not able to shorten it without reducing the impact of hearing the full story. Little Christina is an absolute star and in the three years since I have been involved with the family we have seen some amazing progress through several ups and downs of course.  The full story would be much much longer. But there is some really helpful information in this for any family who has a child with cortical visual impairment / cerebral VI. She is still very globally delayed and has just started at a nearby special school. But compared to how she was when we first met she is a different person. Of course it is impossible to disentangle the interaction between maturation and intervention - nature and nurture so to speak. All I can say is that mum has been totally dedicated to doing everything she possibly can for her little girl and I dare to say that she would not be where she is today if it had not been for mum's persistence and dedication in following through a programme of visual training. 

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