Monday 28 November 2022



How do  I know if my Child or a Pupil in my class is VIsion Impaired?

Some behaviours when occurring together 

can flag up a problem that is to do with vision. 

  1. Close viewing - peering close to read
  2. Head turning - turning at an awkward angle to look
  3. Habitual clumsiness
  4. Consistent off-task behaviour - misbehaviour can  be caused by lack of clear sight
  5. Exceptionally poor spelling despite being an able reader
  6. Regular careless miscuing of known words - reading words incorrectly 
  7. Underachievement - especially when you  know  he/she is more able
  8. Screwing up eyes in light
  9. Consistent copying from a neighbour
  10. Eyes that look crooked or misaligned like a squint
  11. Eyes that look red or watery 
  12. Eyes that move eccentrically - turn in or out
  13. Difficulty looking directly at your face or eyes - this can be related to nystagmus
  14. Lack of confidence in an unfamiliar environment like a new school or supermarket
  15. Distress in a noisy, busy environment 
  16. Covering one eye to look 
  17. Turning head rather than moving eyes to follow a target
If you do think they have a problem seeing at all get their eyes checked by an optician or at A&E in an eye hospital. 

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