Sunday 20 November 2022

I thought I would try a different approach today. I tried to get inside the head of a young person with VI or  one of the many kinds of CVI - cerebral  vision impairments. So here goes & do please let me know what you think - by email: - I have more poems to come. 

Please Understand
They asked me what I could see 
They inferred that I was blind
I said look you’ve really got it wrong 
I didn’t mean to be unkind
It’s like a missing part 
That fell out of my head 
They laughed at me as if I joked 
Or misheard what I said
How can I explain to you 
The air that I inhale
Or the force that pins me down 
When I’m blasted by a gale
So how then can you comprehend 
The different way I see
I wished that I could tell them 
Exactly what I mean
Or even better show them
By projecting on a screen 
Then perhaps they’ll understand
And not treat me like I’m three
© MJ Sparrow 2022

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