Tuesday 17 January 2023

A New Year Post II - The Desperate Tale of a Visually Impaired Girl (Part 2) 

©MJ Sparrow 

17. After just the second day

The teacher took their work away 

And Marcus undertook to mark 

The page of writing by Miss Sparks

18. With many errors in her text 

Very little was correct

“The little lassie must be struggling”, 

In his head these thoughts were bubbling

19. ”It looks like I must simplify 

And every lesson modify”. 

However Marcus did not know 

That Silv’ was not at all below 

The other children in her class

20.  Just that she could not detect 

The letters she could not inspect 

And thus the meaning was not clear

 Of marks that Marcus scribbled there

21. Silvia in her council flat

Spent evenings reading this and that 

Especially stories and poetry

She dreamt of chocolate and factories,

22. Matilda and the BFG

The Gruffalo, The Giving Tree 

Whatever she could get her hands on 

AA Milne, Enid Blyton, 

Beatrix Potter, Julia Donaldson 

Jacqueline Wilson, Michael Rosen 

David Walliams, JK Rowling.

23. Silvia’s reading was amazing 

And her language was astounding 

But reading books was quite a strain

 It pricked her eyes with a sharp pain

24. So mum had found a charity 

That modified them properly

The books were large and hard to fold 

With writing that was big and bold

25. And thick dark words on light background  

It was a snap to get around 

She had the books made up for her 

And customised to cut the blur

26. Silvia Sparks was very young

When gradually it dawned on mum 

That Silv was bumping into things 

Like table tops and rubbish bins

27. And often she would lose her place 

Whilst stuffing beans into her face 

And what is more she hit the door 

And banged her nose in corridors

28. And sadly sometimes didn’t know 

Her mummy’s face from Uncle Jo’s 

She saw a doctor for her eyes 

The news that came was no surprise:

29. ”Your Silvia has an eye disease 

It’s called an optic dystrophy; 

Which really means if I must tell 

That Silvia didn’t see so well.”

(to be continued)

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