Thursday 5 January 2023

 A New Year Post - The Desperate Tale of a Visually Impaired Girl (Part 1) 

©MJ Sparrow

1. Silvia Sparks went to St Cedds 

She was one of thirty kids
She wore a pair of big round specs
That looked just like the old LORGNETTES


2. With a handle fixed upon one side 

And grown-ups held them to their eyes 

Some others in the school had glasses 

Like Molly Minn in Cedar class


3. Molly was severe myopic 

And when on the class’s nature topic 

She could only see her nose
She loved to hold and smell a rose


4. Because she was an avid learner 

To see some more and even further 

She kept a gadget in her pocket 

A small contraption made of plastic


5. One day when she was in gymnastics 

Mervin Briggs pinched her device 

Ignoring everyone’s advice
He crushed it in a metal vice


6. Of course he had to pay the price 

But Molly burst in floods of tears 

That must have lasted seven years.


7.  Silvia had GIGANTIC specs 

With a concave lens made from perspex 

To be precise they were trivex 

Which she prefers to polycarbonate


8. Cos’ they’re light and scratch resistant 

Concave means they’re curving inward 

They stop her learning being hindered, 

And make the board a little clearer


9. Which always seems to help to cheer her 

They definitely helped a little
But not when she sat in the middle 

And certainly, never at the back 

Where all she saw was fuzzy black 

10. In Silvia’s class of five-year-olds 

Some were mildly uncontrolled
The teacher called them ‘full of beans’ 

But mum said they should eat their greens.


11. The noisiest was Bobby Boyd 

Mainly when they were outside 

At playtime all he did was eat 

Haribos his favourite sweet


12. Plus chocolate, fudge and jelly beans 

He often crashed in the canteen
To feast upon his custard creams 

Bobby was extremely bubbly


13. Always active, sometimes funny 

Mummy said it was the sugar 

She called it his candy trigger 

But Bobby never bothered Silv’


14. Just the teacher Marcus Mills 

Mr Mills was Jack the lad 

Young and cheeky, not so bad 

He was new to this profession


15. He’d only taught the kids one session 

So when it came to Silvia
He didn’t really understand her
He didn’t know she couldn’t see


16. What he wrote efficiently 

When he scribbled on the board 

Though his words were always heard 

To her the text was always blurred. 

(to be continued ...) 

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