Information and help on many areas of supporting children in school with visual impairments can be found by contacting us.

Three books are available on areas of visual impairment - please contact me for more information


  1. My niece who was born blind is 5 years old and attending pre-school in a very small public school in northern MN. They haven't even begun teaching her Braille. It is very frustrating to hear and see the lack of progress that goes on. My sister has spoken to the school and the county and the resources are so limited. I feel so helpless. Any advice?

  2. You can always try the School for the Blind and see if they have an outreach program in your city/town.

  3. Yes definitely look into schools for the blind in your state. Here in Indiana Bosma Enterprises is a great resource to find more information about creating opportunities for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.