Sunday 2 January 2011



CVI children have an aversion to complexity. Any visual scene that is crowded or has a degree of visual complexity is a challenge to children with cerebral visual impairment. This can range from a highly patterned background, a patterned carpet, a mural of wall displays in a classroom to a picture on  apage with more than one or two elements to it. The child cannot make sense of information unless it is simple and clear – in  contrast & definition. Complex images present severe problems. 

The classic children's book, Where's Wally, is fun for many children but for children who have severe attentional problems it is just visual overload. Be careful when purchasing books for your child to look out for particular books with very thick outlines and large details. Make sure there is not too much on the page to distract the child.  I like the Maisy books by Lucy Cousins. The Mr Men are also quite good and some of the Peppa Pig series can be suitable. But read each book through carefully, dont make the assumption that it will be sutable just because it is in a certain series.

After spending a lot of time pouring over children's books in places like Waterstones, I strongly commend the following for CVI children. They are visually simple, with  good separation between the figures, incorporate excellent contrast and their figures have thick bold outlines and a plain background. You can have confidence in buying these.

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