Tuesday 16 October 2012

Ocular Albinism, Diagnosis, and self-correcting a Squint

With albinism comes macular hypoplasia, strabismus, and iris transillumination. Sometimes a diagnosis of albinism is not made until very late. So it was in Michelle’s case. Here she explains how some of the symptoms of albinism were identified but a label of ocular albinism was never given to her eye condition.

What is more interesting is how Michelle learnt to control her strabismus (squint) and eventually corrected it herself. Here is a lesson for many of us. Simple eye exercises can sometimes reverse what to some becomes a permanent condition. 

Macular hypoplasia: pit of the macular that gives crystal clear detailed vision is missing so details are indistinct.
Iris transillumination: too much light gets in the eye through the iris and lowers contrast and reduces details. 
Strabismus: a medical term for squint, or an eye that turns to one side. 

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